IMG_1270Welcome to the wonderful mind of yours truly, Danny Phantom. Okay that’s not really my name…right? It’s just some cool name I wear while I take down kids dreams in any kind of competitive online multiplayer..right? I’ll leave that to your imagination! Here I’ll be able to give you a little taste of what I watch, read, play, and just overall think. It could be a list of my top ten things to do while running away from zombies, or a very detailed review of a movie that completely butchered one of my favorite childhood books (I’m looking at you Percy Jackson), either way you’re getting a drop of what flows through the vast ocean that is my mind. So grab onto your life jackets and get ready to dive in because the waters that occupy my mind are anything but smooth. Seriously, I haven’t been able to get a date in months.

With Love,

D Phantm


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