My Five Favorite Pokemon Memories

You heard the news?! Nintendo has just announced a new iteration of Pokemon, Pokemon Sun and Moon. The announcement couldn’t have come at a better time since we just recently celebrated 20 years since the creation of Pokemon! That’s right, for 20 years many of us have spent countless hours trying to catch them all and receive that diploma that certifies us as Pokemon Masters and all around badasses. So in celebration of this joyous occasion I have decided to make a list of some of the greatest moments I had as a Pokemon Master.

My First Capture

Some people say there’s nothing like the first time. And they have a point because you never quite forget the first Pokemon you ever capture. For me that was Pidgey. Oh Pidgey, many complain of how many times you pop up during the earlier routes. But to me you were my first glimpse at the glory that is capturing your very own Pokemon so I paid no mind to it. A Level 3 Pidgey, one who’s only dream was to explore the world outside Routes 1-8. I captured you, and I took you for a ride that we will both never forget. I grew attached, you grew strong. Before I knew it you were one of my first Pokemon to reach his true potential, Pidgeot. Not only did you take me to my destinations in a matter of seconds, but you also blew away all those annoying bug and grass types that would try to impede our progress. We fought together countless battles. I pushed you aside for my starter pokemon multiple times but not once did you leave my side. You were there for me when ever I needed you. Just waiting for my call ever so patiently. For that Pidgey, you will always hold a dear place in my heart as my very first capture.

Evolving Magikarp

As a Pokemon Trainer it is our duty to stick by our Pokemons and train them to become stronger. Many evolve into great creatures, but none have made a splash so prominent in my child hood mind as that of the all mighty Gyarados. But to attain him is a journey. Many of us Masters have gone through this famous journey. The grueling path that separates the men from the boys, the grounded from the flying, the it had no effect from the it was super effective. Magikarp’s incredible journey to defy the laws of nature and evolve from the kid in the back who was too afraid to raise his hand even though he had the answer in him, to the Class President who said the answer with conviction without raising his hand while looking the teacher dead in the eyes. To the beast we call Gyarados. I was no different, I embarked on this journey. It took grueling training sessions. Having to muster the courage to replace my starter with Magikarp and having faith that it would survive the first attack after I swapped Magikarp out with it and win experience for both of them. I continued to do this and led my Magikarp to Level 20, and I basked in the spoils that was my very own Gyarados. And oh was it worth it. Forever a respected member of my team, one who does not heed to the Elite Four’s dragons, Gyarados.

My First Starter

No kid will ever forget their very first Pokemon Starter. When I first picked up the game I was presented with a monumental decision. One that would affect every aspect of my first journey through the Pokemon world. Which starter did I want to begin my adventure with? I was dumbfounded. Charmander was a fan favorite and overall badass, and Bublasaur seemed like an extremely well balanced fighter, but Squirtle, there was something special about him. Something that whispered to me “Choose me.” something that made me utter under my breath “I choose you.” while my tiny finger pressed down on the button that would send my adventure spiraling forward. And what an adventure it was. I watched as my Squirtle grew stronger, and stronger. Till finally I was tearing gyms apart alongside my Blastoise. Not to mention that something about my starter kept me going back to it, focusing all the growth into it. Until it was leagues above my other Pokemon. Sadly, we were both unprepared for the mean whopping a thunderbolt from a high level Pokemon would do to us. We grew apart. I found a grass type that would fair better. I began to close the level gap between my other Pokemon and Blastoise. I considered setting him in the PC when things were at an all time low between us. But then, I was presented with Lorelei. My Parasect was taken down by an Ice Punch from Jynx. I sent in Jolteon who made quick work of the rest, but was greeted by Bruno. Jolteon would be of no help. I looked at my team, and from the back I saw a light. Blastoise, my old friend. I brought him forward and he greeted me with the same tenacity I used to be so fond of. Bruno’s pokemon fell one after the other being no match for our Hydro Cannon. We shared a moment of a bliss, a moment that I will never forget for as long as I am a Pokemon Trainer.

Watching my first Pokemon Movie

You remember the first time you ever watched a Pokemon movie? I was ecstatic when I first purchased the VCR at the local Wal- Mart. I was mindblown when out of the case flew a limited edition Pokemon card and yellow VCR tape. Yellow?! How cool was that, it was like I was holding Pikachu himself. I remember sliding in the cassette alongside my cousins not knowing what to expect. It starts in the middle of a Pokemon battle, I almost faint. “This is the coolest thing I will ever watch in my life.” I think. Ash gets invited to a battle involving some of the top Pokemon Trainer’s in the area. I am mind blow, at this point I wondered if I was still in the real world or if my soul had been carried to Paradise by Ho-Ho. Oh no, an evil Pokemon was using cloned Pokemon to cause harm to other Pokemon?! My heart was racing, would Pikachu really be okay this time? It’s a huge battle and all the Pokemon are fighting their clone counterparts unable to stop each other. Pikachus slapping each other while tears form in their eyes, my little heart could barley take anymore. I see Mewtwo and Mew about to use their final attacks, my heart is almost beating out of my chest, I see Ash run. I think to myself Ash no, the attacks are launched and Ash jumps. In a moment that my heart will never forget I witness one of the most tragic moments in VCR history. Ash is laying on the ground motionless, Mewtwo asks himself why, I ask myself why, my cousin looks at the tears forming in my eyes and asks himself why. And in that second I felt that I saw my tears enter the screen and join the tears of the many Pokemon that believed in Ash like I did. Our tears cure the petrified Ash, and he rises and I yell with victory. It was one of the greatest moments in my child hood history a moment I will never forget, not only because of how it moved me but because my cousin won’t forget to bring it up every time he sees me at a family dinner.

My First Pokemon

There are many moments in a man’s life that set up who he will be and what he will stand for. This may or may not have been one of those moments but it is damn well engraved into my mind. I remember waking up that morning and heading out to do all the errands I hated with my Mom. She would drag me around store after store and we would run into the most random relatives at the most random stores and I would have to wait hours till their conversation ended and even more hours until my mom finished her errands. Seriously, I believe I spent two years at a JcPenny’s that day. I counted. It was during that visit that every single one of my aunts decided it was “buy myself a new pair of shoes day”. Seriously, were my mom’s family members just born with internal clocks that tell them when to go shopping? Anyway, once we finally made it out of there alive we headed to Wal-Mart. At the time I thought nothing of what was to come, so I huffed and I puffed and I tried my best to hide in the backseat hoping my mom would forget about me or think I was eaten alive by the seat. It didn’t work. We were out of the car and headed into  Wal-Mart, we spent another two years there looking for shampoos and other toiletries. Once we finally had everything we began to walk out. I was straggling along bummed because I had asked for about twenty-three different playstation games and was No’d every single time, I would’ve bought them myself but the fifteen dollars I had in my life savings weren’t going to cut it. I thought life couldn’t get any worse. When I was at my lowest with any ounce of will to live gone, I saw it. A light beaming from the left side of the registers line. There were fifteen registers, #1 being on the right most side and #15 on the left most. My mom made her way into #15. The light to the left of it became brighter. I finally mustered up the courage to look down that single sided aisle. What awaited me was something I could’ve never imagined. Cards, cards, and cards. Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Baseball cards, and most importantly, Pokemon cards. I was in disbelief. Why had I never seen these before? I check the prices, they’re around twelve dollars for each pack. I can only take one. I don’t care about baseball, but Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon which one would I take? My moms telling me to hurry, she is about to pay. In that moment my body seemed to move by itself, my hand thrust forward and grabbed the nearest pack. I ran towards register #15 just before my mom finished paying. Handed her the pack and handed her my life savings. She smiled and took them both. Both. Still wish she would’ve had some mercy and just taken the pack, but that’s beside the point. I got in the car and looked at my spoils. Pokemon. I had grabbed a Pokemon pack. I opened it. I was amazed. I had mostly cards with attribute signs that at the time I had no idea what they meant, some items, but hidden between them was a face I will never forget. Wartortle.

20th-anniversary-site-169To 20 years of Pokemon, and in hopes of many more to come!


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