Batman V Superman: Saving Lois

It is finally upon us, the widely anticipated beginning of what will be the DC Cinematic Universe! And I myself was blessed enough to watch us take our first step into it by watching Super Vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice. And let me tell you, it was something. Now I’m not here to bash on the movie because c’mon guys it was definitely entertaining. I’m just here to tell you what I honestly thought about the movie. And maybe its the magnitude of the characters or maybe its just me, but I definitely saw a huge waste of potential. The movie itself was good. It was interesting, had some good action sequences, and introduced us to a whole new world which we’ll get to see more of in the coming years. But damn, this could have been THE movie which everyone praised for years to come. I mean there could have even been a statue built of the Blu Ray steel book case if it had blown away our socks. But it sadly didn’t, so I’m here to tell you why that didn’t happen. I’ll be focusing on the characters =, the conflict, and the overall writing of the film cause we can’t just blame everything on Lex Luthor.


Spoiler: Superman gets rekt.

Alright let’s start off with some good points. Batfleck was great. I throughly enjoyed this grittier and darker take on the Batman and was in awe during the fight scene where he is kicking major ass while saving Martha. It was insanely cool, and I personally find Ben Affleck to be a great actor so there is that. Superman was super. He did his job as a character. He was almighty, he pulled off the spandex, and he did his part for humanity. Now onto my complaints Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. My complain with Lois Lane is that she was just there too much. I wanted to see Batman Vs Superman not Superman saves Lois Lane. It was kind of annoying seeing a damsel in distress messing up our heroes. Superman should be past that stage after the last movie. And c’mon Lois, what were you doing in the mist of the final battle. Alongside heroes like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman you had no business there. C’mon Lois you should’ve been recovering emotionally from the fact that you almost fell to your death. Not used as cheap plot device to try and up the emotional attachment of the fans towards Superman, and definitely not as a the kryptonite that dealt with Batman’s raging anger towards Superman. C’mon writers! Talk about wasting insane potential there. And Lex Luthor. Lex, my man. Growing up I always saw you as the one guy in class that always succeeds but is a complete dick about it. A guy that will win only to watch you lose. I did not think you were that kid in the back of class that wanted to be at the top of everything simply because he wasn’t shown much love back home and wanted some recognition. Lex Luthor was not written well in my opinion. I may not be a huge fan of the comic books, and maybe I’m completely wrong but I did see Lex Luthor as young adult who was dropped in the head fifty two times. I thought he was a man who wanted to destroy Superman, and would do so using his wits, money, AND sanity. I mean he’s obviously not completely sane, but I would’ve liked to see a more composed Lex Luther who didn’t become drunk with power but was able to handle the power and use it better.

The Conflict

It wasn’t that serious.

Batman Vs Superman. We all dreamed of this fight, didn’t we? As young kids sometimes we would go into this heated debate with our loved ones not knowing if we would come out as friends or as enemies. I, myself, as a lover of knowledge and the small gleaming hope that I could still be a super hero one day would day after day stand besides Batman. Raving about the many uses of Kryptonite and reminding others that “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”. So you wouldn’t believe how psyched I was that my question would finally be answered in the big screen. And not only was it answered but I proved once in for all that Batman could completely wreck Superman if he had the right tools at his disposal. The only thing I regret, is that I didn’t feel more emotionally attached to the fight. I mean I had all this built excitement since I was little, but I was looking forward to being hyped up even more. Sadly, the writers couldn’t deliver. In my opinion Superman’s side of the whole debate was terribly written. I mean he was simply upset that Batman had a different style of justice? C’mon thats no reason to go around trashing another man’s vehicle Clark. I mean he was about to steal the very substance that could end your life, but you had no way of knowing that. The tension from Superman towards Batman almost felt nonexistent to me. I really felt I had no reason to root for Superman. He wasn’t really defending himself, he was more trying to prove himself. But to what or who, I don’t know. Batman on the other side was easily relatable. The writer’s would have had to really mess up for us not to feel empathy for Batman. I mean he lost one of his buildings along with many employees and he was going up against a man who many said had as much power as a god. A power which no one had a means to fight against if it came down to that. Most people would side with Batman for these reasons alone, but I strongly would have liked for Superman to get more development in his relationship towards Batman. Even the actual fight was forced by Lex Luthor. There was no real tension, any tension was one sided by Batman. And the way the fight is resolved is insanely lame, c’mon Martha?! Just muttering his dead mother’s name was enough to startle Batman who has been supposedly building this untamable anger towards Superman? And who to save the day but Lois Lane. It just felt incredibly cheap and unsatisfying way to end the fight. They literally became allies in a matter of two minutes. C’mon writers, you had so much you could’ve done. So much you could’ve worked with. And they magically throw in Doomsday with no prior explanations and have him serve as the catalyst that Superman and Batman must face together. Cheap. Wonder Woman was definitely cool so if that scene had anything positive going for it was great action and Wonder Woman. And the cheapest plot device of all was using Superman’s death to render him a hero in the eyes who doubted him. C’mon that was so predictable! I wish they would have just written the story better and maybe saved Doomsday or built up a foundation for him to lay on and not just throw him out of thin air.

Overall this was a movie that had HUGE expectations to fill. HUUUUUGGE. And sadly it just couldn’t do it. It was an okay movie and it was an okay introduction to the DC Universe, but it just could’ve been so much more. So much more. It was too focused on Superman’s relationship with Lois Lane and not enough on his tension with Batman. I mean honestly maybe the writers wrote some symbolism for themselves. Superman gets wrecked throughout the movie, not only literally but also in writing. But this is the first film so here’s hoping that after all this backlash the writers will take a hint and step it up a couple notches.




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